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Finley (Short ) – IMDb – Award-Winning Lovecraftian Short Horror Film: “Sound From the Deep”

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ГЛАВА 82 Когда мысль о последствиях звонка Стратмора в службу безопасности дошла до сознания Грега Хейла, его окатила парализующая волна паники. Агенты сейчас будут. Сьюзан попробовала выскользнуть из его рук, Хейл очнулся и притянул ее к себе за талию. – Отпусти меня! – крикнула она, и ее голос эхом разнесся под куполом шифровалки. Мозг Хейла лихорадочно работал.



Award winning horror short film download. ONLY THE BEST SHORT FILMS


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Bored, and looking for a new playground, they enter an imposing, decaying building See full summary ». So simple, and so creepy. Definitely worth checking out. I don’t know why but European movies definitely have the atmospheric creepiness down.

The ending is kinda blah, but it will probably make you jump a little. Pretty well done, especially compared to most or the horror shorts you can find on YouTube. It’s very short, like under 3 minutes, so if you don’t like it it’s not like you wasted a lot of time watching it. It is only a few minutes before one in the morning and the rude and repetitive noise of an incoming call ruptures the stillness of the night.

Who could that be at this hour? And why is the husband as stiff as a corpse? I found it creepy, but I think the ending was stupid Which isn’t even scary really because you KNOW it’s coming. Anyway I think if they had just ended it at it would have been much better. Not Rated 6 min Animation, Short, Fantasy. Alma, a little girl, skips through the snow-covered streets of a small town.

Her attention is caught by a strange doll in an antique toy shop window. Fascinated, Alma decides to enter. Votes: 2, Apparently, in Spanish, Alma is the word for “soul. The article was 4 years old, but I read that Del Toro said the movie was still happening in , so I guess we’ll see. If that’s true, maybe we’ll finally get an American remake that doesn’t suck. Garth and Maddie are about to host a dinner party when they see a strange little girl in their backyard. She is the first sign that the world has suddenly and inexplicably changed.

Supposedly it’s being made into a full length film, but I’ve been hearing that since I saw this short over a year ago. Actually there is a listing for the full length film on IMDb, which says it’s from , but only 5 people rated it it got a 3.

Then there’s another listing with the same name for a horror movie being released in but it’s a different director, so who knows. Anyway, the short was obviously made with a very little budget, the director used his wife and friends as the actors, but it works, and it’s very creepy, so def check if out. It’s only 10 minutes. Btw-there’s a 5 minute version on YouTube as well, I just saw it when going to find the link. Idk who made it, but don’t watch that one, it ruins it bc it cuts out basically everything that makes it so creepy.

ABE is a tense, psychological horror about a robot who’s looking for love in all the wrong places. A man installs a set of French doors during a renovation. What he doesn’t know is that the doors harbour a secret. A dark secret Not Rated 9 min Short, Horror, Thriller. David, an orderly at a hospital, tells his horrific story of being kidnapped and forced to play a vile game of survival. Votes: 11, Upstairs, in the moonlit and empty room, a little boy scared of the dancing shadows, encounters a figment of his vivid imagination: the horrible Sandman.

I had no idea it was made in until I added it to this list. Menu All. Sign In. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven’t rated, etc. Short Film 12 Feature Film 2. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Release year or range to ». Error: please try again. A Message from Fallujah 15 min Short, Drama 7.


Award winning horror short film download


Bennett Martin as David Illy Bennett. Maddi Estrada. Andy Chen. More like this. Storyline Edit. User reviews 1 Review. Featured review. A small but effective short. Here’s a small yet good surprise of the year so far in terms of short films with limited budget and limited crew. With just a dozen of people, directed Andy Chen made an effective horror short film that cause some goosebumps along the way despite the use of known cliches of the genre.

In “Close Your Eyes”, musician Vincent Vinny Balbo suddenly finds his roomate David Illy Bennett standing on the front door, apparently asleep as if being a sleepwalker to later find out he’s actually awake and claiming he can hear a female voice telling things on the outside.

When he tries to do the same, Vincent doesn’t hear a thing. Later on, he opens the door and sees no one on the outside He might be wrong all the way and will only find out at the final minutes of the film. I’ve seen echoes of “The Ring” and some of Shyamalan’s works in here but despite those references or similarities, there’s still a slightly original voice here and it keeps us in suspense for the whole picture.

Kudos to the makers for creating this, and I guess we can only hope for more and who knows maybe a feature film out of this. They have talent and a hard working crew who provides an entertaining film. Details Edit. Release date January 1, United States. United States. Locust Garden Pictures. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit.

Runtime 3 minutes. Some believe and some don’t. This belief has been around for generations even only few who believe in it. During vacation, Kelvin became a victim of his own deeds. He was told by his friends to stay away from a wild tree, but he didn’t listen. The next day, his friends are gone missing until he found out their dead bodies. Thriller Horror Death. At night suddenly there was a sound of laughter and the footsteps of a small child haunted him.

Once a glorified artist, he sits alone in his studio. Living paycheck-to-paycheck, Andrew discovers a new charcoal artist named Marissa who seems to be gaining traction fast. Marissa too admits that she always admired his work. Their relationship begins to take a darker turn when Marissa invites Andrew to her house.

There, Andrew begins to delve into an old Asian ritualistic practice, which later unearths questions of his morals. What is he willing to sacrifice for his craft?

Black Rice Yellow Roots 2 youngsters delve into a mystical forest in search for their missing friend deceived by an elemental creature. Will they find their way out of the woods? Thriller Horror Crime Childhood.

In the middle of ngeliwet an Indonesian dinner ritual full of mean auntie remarks and unrealistic expectations, Karina starts itching and blames Nur for putting garlic in her food. Snackeroo An eerie commercial lures an aimless man down the rabbit hole. Little does he know that his gluttony will deliver him into the hands of a ghastly duo.

Happy Halloween – the scariest things are never seen. Created by nextofkin nextofkinfilms. Add Me Dinda met a guy on facebook, but strange things started to happen.

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