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Laptop games – the 12 best low-spec PC games

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Laptop games – the best low-spec games for laptops · 1. Gunpoint · 2. FTL: Faster Than Light · 3. Don’t Starve · 4. Minecraft · 5. Stardew Valley · 6. Slay the Spire. 1 and Mafia 2 · replace.meher 1 and Godfather 2 · cry 2 and Far Cry 3 · 4. AC 1, AC2, AC brotherhood, AC revelation and AC 3(tweaked), AC liberation. Best Games for Laptops and Low-End PCs · Peglin · They Are Billions · RimWorld · Portal, Portal 2 · Faster Than Light · Old School Runescape · Braid.

Download low end pc games

Apr 04,  · PUBG is one of the most famous battle royale games out there and they thought they should make a version of the game that can be appreciated by people with low-end PC so they came out with PUBG Lite and was a hit in an instant. It does not have a very large player base but you are guarantee to get a match within minutes of starting to. May 19,  · PC GAMES LOW END PC GAMES CS CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS. 5/19/ 0 Comments For the first time in Call of Duty, gamers play as the underdog, fighting as part of a single squad against an enemy that has superior numbers and firepower. Call of Duty: Ghosts’ genre-defining multiplayer delivers gameplay innovations throughout, including dynamic. Dec 31,  · Hello and welcome to the ultimate list of 40 best games for low-end pc ranging from no graphics card required to low spec pc games for 1gb, 2gb, 4gb even under mb games. Make sure to check out more such list like Top 10 Pubg mobile players in India | 20 best games of and many more around our replace.mes:


Low Specs Experience – Ragnotechpowered.Low Specs Experience – Ragnotechpowered


It also runs on the lowest spec PCs imaginable. Chill out, do some fishing, grow some crops, and chat up the local populace in Stardew Valley , a lovely little game about inheriting a farm and being a big, flirty git. Solo developer Eric Barone also keeps adding to it. Every single run feels distinct, and you constantly unlock a flow of new cards and items that get your mind racing about what you might be able to accomplish on your next attempt. Into the Breach gives you a squad of mechs and some kaiju to battle in grid-based, turn-based combat.

If that last one was too cheery for you, consider being a border agent for a fictional Eastern Bloc country. Your family is starving, your wages are pathetic, and you have to juggle your own needs against the plights of the people coming through the border. Will you sacrifice your professional integrity for personal gain, or will you stand steadfast and do it by the book? When your food supply at home begins to run low, you might not have a choice.

And what happens when empathy takes over reason? It might essentially be a playable spreadsheet, but Papers, Please is a powerful, memorable game stuffed with moral dilemmas. How about a little violence, as a treat. Hotline Miami is a stylish, top-down shooter where you have to murder people as brutally and efficiently as you can. Oh, now you feel bad? Build your own prison dystopia in this management game about erecting and running a slammer.

Toy with the lives of your inmates or try to solve institutional problems that also exist in real life. Whether you want to create a colony of slavers, cannibals, body modders, or religious zealots is up to you, but RimWorld will constantly surprise you no matter what route you take.

A dungeon-crawling roguelite with a difference, Moonlighter places you in the shoes of a shopkeep who trades in monster parts and other spelunking spoils. You delve into dungeons and battle enemies in old-school Zelda -style combat, learning enemy attack patterns and viable tactics through repetition. You place your treasures and monster innards around the store, set the prices, and open the doors.

From there, you judge customer reactions as they peruse and purchase, using them to gauge the sweet spot price for each item. You use the money you earn to forge better weapons and craft potions to allow you to dive deeper, and you use gold to upgrade your store to allow you to sell more efficiently. This 4X strategy game sucks you right in. There are multiple routes to victory in Civilization 5 and no two games ever feel the same due to topography, the base civilization you start the game with, and which other nations you share the map with.

You do this by drawing out roads, highways, and bridges. Rampage around a quiet English town and steal human possessions. Honk all the while.

This creates a constant tension. What if your plague doctor is the most reliable member of your party, but insults his comrades every few minutes, raising their stress levels? Permadeath is brutal in Darkest Dungeon, but you’ll find it hard to quit even when an entire party of heroes gets wiped out. Disco Elysium is gorgeous in a sad, gritty way, but its painterly 2D environments won’t push your system.

It’s a detective RPG that feels quite a lot like playing a classic adventure game or a visual novel. Expect to slow things down here to discover clues and secrets in its detailed environments and read a lot of fantastic writing.

It’s sly, clever, and full of surprises, meaning you can get some of the best new RPG action without needing a GPU that handles ray-tracing. Thanks to the Final Cut version of the game that now comes standard, Disco Elysium’s installation size is a bit beefier than it used to be.

If you’ve got the space to spare though, it should still run swell. Like Sunless Seas before it, Sunless Skies is part roguelike adventure, part interactive fiction. But it does both better than ever. It earned a 90 in our review, “because of how brilliantly its disparate elements combine to produce exciting stories, from scrapes you survive by the skin of your teeth, to moments where your own hubris gets you killed.

For more wonderful writing in a game that leans more heavily towards interactive fiction with fewer survival mechanics, check out the sublime 80 Days , too. A game about traveling the world is perfect when you’re traveling the world with a laptop. Release date: Developer: Asymmetric Link: Steam opens in new tab.

The funniest game of , and maybe the funniest RPG we’ve ever played. This is a game you explore for jokes, not loot. They’re in every corner of the world, and even in the options menu, and it’s a joy to discover them. West of Loathing is also a genuinely fun and clever RPG, with classes like the Beanslinger and Cowpuncher instead of genre standards. As we wrote in our West of Loathing review : “Flush a toilet for an XP gain, search a haystack for a needle or dig through a mine cart for a hunk of meat ore West of Loathing has a meat-based economy , and insult yourself in a mirror to gain a combat buff because you angered yourself so much.

Most importantly, sticking your nose in every corner of West of Loathing isn’t just beneficial for improving your character’s stats and filling your bottomless inventory with weapons, garments, food, hooch, and hats there are over 50 of them! This is a funny game, and you’ll want to root out every last shred of humor before you’re done with it. Release date: Developer: tobyfox Link: Humble Store opens in new tab. This isn’t to say it’s not a looker or fun. For those versed in RPG and popular video game tropes, Undertale is a colorful, charming, upsetting swan ride through your habits and behaviors.

Date a skeleton, pet or kill some dogs, think way too hard about mice and cheese. As we explain in our Undertale review , it will make you second guess every key press except the ‘Buy’ button.

A successor to Planescape: Torment? It seemed too good to be true, and yet inXile took the engine Obsidian made for Pillars of Eternity and managed to return to the world of Torment in an RPG that recaptures much of what made the original so special. Lucky for laptop gamers, it can also run on low-end hardware, which is fitting for a throwback RPG. In our Torment: Tides of Numenera review , we wrote that “a slow start gives way to a thought-provoking adventure in a remarkable setting.

A fitting follow-up to a beloved RPG. Release date: Developer: Zachtronics Link: Steam opens in new tab. We have only good things to say about Opus Magnum, but this endorsement could really be swapped out for any of Zachtronics’ insidiously deep and clever puzzle games. If cyberpunk’s your jam, try out Exapunks instead. But why Opus Magnum? The joy of expression that comes from building simple or ridiculously complex machines to solve a particular problem, then sitting back and watching it all work.

The best puzzle game of ? Certainly the one with the catchiest name. It’s about pushing blocks, but also pushing words, which then become commands. And from those simple combinations, wild varieties of puzzles unfold. It’s hard to describe but easy to understand once you play it, and in our Baba Is You review we dig into why it’s so fun to play:.

But you can use ‘Baba’ as the start of a horizontal command, a bit like a programming crossword puzzle. Write ‘Baba is win’ and it makes you Baba the win condition of the level. The latest adventure game from Blackwell creators Wadjet Eye is one of its best, bringing in demons, exorcisms, and some light roleplaying elements that affect how the story plays out. An ingenious puzzle game years in the making, hand-drawn by creator Jason Roberts.

Gorogoa tells a story with its puzzles, rather than simply placing puzzles in a thematic wrapping. This is part of what makes it something special, and particularly engrossing, as we wrote in our Gorogoa review : “The story itself is an interesting, ambiguous framework through which to explore the idea of repeating patterns. A fantastic feat of interlocking storytelling and design.

Terraria is a huge game in a very tiny package. Even if you originally wrote it off as a 2D Minecraft clone, it’s grown far beyond that label in the years since. Terraria is a crafting adventure with heaps of updates to its name with new bosses, biomes, fishing, and too many other things to name.

It was still getting updates in It’s also wild how little this huge game demands from your computer with its tiny install size and modest system requirements. Release: Developer: Indefatigable Link: Steam opens in new tab. In the wake of ‘s Doom, we’ve seen a resurgence of new-but-old shooters that fully embrace the graphical styles and level design of 90s hallmarks like Quake and Hexen.

Amid Evil may be the best of them: it’s the heavy metal album cover version of a 90s FPS, full of epic axes, swords that shoot green energy beams, and grenade launcher wands that fire miniaturized planets as weapons. Every area in the game has a unique aesthetic and set of enemies, so it never overstays its welcome.

And because the design is faithful to its 90s inspirations, it’ll run on a toaster a suitably hardcore toaster, anyway. The indie platformer darling of the past few years, and with good reason: Celeste combines tight, instantly satisfying controls with wonderful music and a story that may speak to you, if you’ve ever battled your way through depression. If you’re more into the jumping than the self-reflection, that’s okay too—Celeste has the snappiness of Super Meat Boy, where trying a challenge over and over again takes only seconds, and nailing it at the end leaves you pumping your fists.

That air-dash. Like many PC platformers, Celeste is perfectly playable with mouse and keyboard, but you might want to throw a controller with a good D-pad in your bag if you’re traveling.

Quite possibly the prettiest game you can play on a laptop or low-end system thanks to its hand-drawn, classically animated 2D graphics. Cuphead channels Gunstar Heroes and other 90s platformers with tough as nails multi-stage bosses, but learnable tells and patterns make it conquerable if you keep a cool head and stick with it.

It’s worth playing for the phenomenal soundtrack and art alone, but why not team up with Mugman and take down a few bosses while you’re admiring the craft? Made by former PC Gamer editor Tom Francis, creator of the also-excellent and low-spec-friendly Gunpoint opens in new tab , Heat Signature is a game about sneaking onto spaceships, braining guards with a wrench or using all kinds of gadgets to carry out a mission, and dealing with the chaos that ensues.

In our review, we wrote: “Heat Signature inspires creativity through emergent complexity like any great immersive sim. I can’t stop regaling friends with my stories of heists gone bad or boasting about my flashes of brilliance in the heat of the moment. Heat Signature is brilliant at teasing these anecdotal threads out of a procedural universe.


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