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Download DFX Audio Enhancer for Windows 10 (32/64 bit) in English

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DFX Audio Enhancer for Winamp is a plugin design with the popular music player which is still staying strong on the market. Users have the possibility to customize the media player with the dgx of plugins and this is one of the most wanted, because it offers support for audio enhancement, just as its title states. DFX Audio Enhancer for Winamp works best with more powerful audio systems, especially with the ones that have a 5.

If this is the case and users have the speakers properly placed in the room, they can enjoy a three dimensional surround experience that provides a high quality sound output.

If users want something else, they can choose the Booming HyperBass feature, which is again suited for a 5. The bass is amplified without altering dfx plus audio enhancer for winamp free download overall audio quality and provides a richer output.

There is also the possibility to configure the tool to work in Stereo mode and re-enact it correctly. There is still support for creating custom presets with live preview. Please sign in to leave a comment. MuMu Player Download. You can download full version games,software,apps apk for windows 7,8,10,XP Now! Post a Comment. Looking for: Blu ray software download for pc. Thursday, December 22, Dfx plus audio enhancer for winamp free download.

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DFX Audio Enhancer – Boost Your Sound


Saw 2 Audio Clips. Qbase Audio. Realtek High Definition Audio Hp. Sonos Stream Computer Audio. Fs Audio Research. The program is included in Multimedia Tools. This tool was originally designed by Power Technology. Download the latest version of DFX for Winamp free in Download Freeware 2. This is a fun tool but there is a more recent product by the same publisher.

Note: we strongly recommend that you consider using the latest product by the same publisher – it has similar features. The program provides access to general boosting, compression and depth compensation, etc.

Templates and custom setups are available. Download DFX for Winamp Get DFX for Winamp alternative downloads. You can toggle the settings yourself for a smoother listening. River Media Player, and many others. What sounds good with one song, doesn’t sound with another. And there such nice skins.

I love this plug-in. It’s the best enhancer I’ve tested. I’m using 2 speakers about 75W each and still is an enormous difference using this plugin. It’s the best ever written. It has a small problem with the volume control but it still deserves it 5 stars maybe 8 or 9 :d – February 9, by Timofte Vlad.

Enhancer – Great sound, unequaled by any other plugin I used. Never without it Hands-down my favorite for output processing. Great Job – Waoh, really good staff for that plugin. I’ve tried many of dsp plugins and now i’ve found the one! The Best Of All Times!!! Not once. Too lazy. This plugin is so good I actually signed up to this website to write this. I have no idea how it works, but it does. Download it right now! Only one thing missing. I can’t believe how much richer my music sounds now, and I thought the equalizer was good.

I’m afraid I’ve been spoiled but I’m still a lazy girl! For auto-load presets, I’ll give it another star. This should be in every MP3 player portable or computer. Lives Up to its Name! Great plug-in. Tons of cool presets. The Boost is great, its like the Enhancer’s enhancer! Well, My speaker system is NOTHING special, just a “Y” cable hooking up my computer with a standard sound card to my watt Kenwood stereo system with 4 Bose bookshelf speakers, and both the system and the speakers are outdated by almost 23 years now So Again, they are nothing special..

You can use the designated presets or even create your own through the 10 enhancing settings, and create a “Boost” much like my stereo system provides. Enhancer destroys the competition and is completely FREE! Use your brain, download this program, and give your ears the respect they deserve. Despite this little cpu memory consuming thing I spotted right the first time I runned it in vmware on winXP32bitedition there might be many more that I wont waste time to find.

STILL its a hell of a cool plug in!! Hphillhicks – what can i say? Absolutely the best – i have been searching for 2 years now for a new plugin other than this one for a change, no plugin ever reached this quality!

None above, none beside! Hail the KING! I started using version 0. Never needed any other plugin. Especially if you have a good sound system, this “monster” will kick hard your ears! Thanks Adrian Too good – The only plugin which i am using from last 3 months.

And that too when i have a habit of uninstalling the plugins on the same day as of installing ;- – October 13, by Software Engineer. The real enhancer – After test’s with several tools like this i have to mention THIS is the real one. Nice dynamic when setup properly! Best stereo enhancer inclusive.

Espessially great with headphones. To bad the author seems to be disappear’d. Good but – It the best so far but on my computer it takes up a bit more processor space – September 1, by Justin Ewish. Great plugin! I don’t really know why, but somehow I missed some warm, deep bass in almost all my mp3’s – Enhancer gave it to me! But the best was the fact that the music became much clearer due to the treble harmonics – cool! At this time I testet severel similar plugins but there performance was not acceptable.

Now I have quadrophony-speakers and was searching for a good surround plugin, I found one named Simply Surround wich seems to add good treble harmonics, it is not configurable, so I turned them off in Enhancer. Nevertheless I use Enhancer to improve the bass and it works very fine with Simply Surrond.

By the way I tested newer plugins like Enhancer but Enhancer ist still the best choice for me. It is easy skinable, that is cool too. I read something about a long delay when using Direct Sound Output, hmm, okay maybe on some machines but on my ist the delay 2 – 3 seconds.

I find the effect and the quality of this plugin outstanding! This baby rocks! Oh, the hours and hours and hours and hours and This enhance absolutely rocks, and best of all, no crippling! It literally enhances all the listening pleasure you’ve only been able to dream of. Ah, so much tweaking, so little time So AmAzing, it rocks my face off!!! I will already defend Winamp to the death, and this rockin’ plugin just adds to my devotion.

Oh, and just to make sure that the plugin really worked, I kept testing it by turning it on and off, and, MAN, there really is a big difference!!! Download it! Settings – These settings work best for me Of course you can change’em to your liking I’m using Altec Lansing ATP3 Speakers I always normalise my mp3s using ‘mp3gain’ google it so that I won’t need to adjust my speakers’ vol after every few tracks Takes a few seconds cos’ of buff Oh yeah, its enhancements are more obvious from mbps and above.

Best dsp i ever came thru – man this thing rocks. Thumbs Up!! It is highly customizable, unbugged, and has a fairly good interface. It really enhances the sound and makes the listener that would be me, in this case further enjoy the music. It is just like a gigantic improvement to Winamp’s built-in equalizer.

Best one so far It’s not glitchy, sounds good, and most of all its very easy to use. Here’s the settings I used that seems to work well: Volume 4, Boost on, and I used the aggressive setting. Thanks for the great DSP! This what makes me stick to Winamp – June 10, by Ayoub Srouji.

Good for low powered speakers. Works great for low powered speakers, but it’s unnecessary on high powered multichannel surround speakers. Another gripe is that if your output is set to DirectSound, which is mostly the case for all of us, the time it takes for the tweak to actually change the sound is a painfully long 15 seconds. This makes it really hard to customize it to your sound, because by then, you probably forgot the sound quality you were hearing before.

It is about 2 or 3 seconds on waveOut plugin. Fix the DirectSound time and get 5 stars. Great work overall though. And I really mean it! You really need this if you are into good sound but can’t afford a freakin expensive sound card. If you don’t believe me or the other reviews, try it yourself! The volume, although irritating, but it saves you from buying new speakers everytime there’s a sudden loud sound.

Great for movie and audio playback. If you were to see and try the “Dolby Surround” plug-in, and implement it into this I’ll say “Omfg, I have a new sound card”. The best DSP plugin available for Winamp!!!

Truely the best sound mixer available! The BASS tuning rocks! Pune, India. Not so good. But actually it makes it worse. Enhancer v Rocks! For real effect of this plugin, you got to have big speakers with good ampliier and woofer. Probably, the best winamp plugin. Good work!!!!!

Great plugin – Makes a great improvement on the sound , Has good presets , Nice functions and just an all around fantastic plugin. Great work.. Top Notch! I tried this plug-in with not only my main PC speakers Klipsch 5. Enhancer rocks! The interface is simple yet very effective, and it didnt color or overdrive the sound on either of the 3 speaker configurations like the countless other DSP plugs that Ive tried.

Minor tweaking of the sliders from their default settings made a huge difference in my mp3’s sound. It compensated greatly for the highs that are lossed from MP3 compression. Cymbals sounded crisp again, rather than neutered. It’s not a huge issue since that can be tweaked further through the Winamp EQ or your subwoofer.

The ambience effect is also great at modest levels. Setting ambience on 2 and ambience range at 6 was a good neutral spot for a variety of music samples. I’m sticking with this one! It makes my music scream. A must have for any audiophile. Excellent plugin – Thanks for do it. I Like it, but Only with Enhancer can I get thar wonderful deep bass sound, nice and clean. But that Volume button annoys me. No matter what setting I use, it eventually gets to some song and changes the volume, usually setting it lower.

I know that must be to do with its volume limiter function, but even if I leave it on maximum, it still changes the volume eventiually. And the Help file is very weak. So some days I Love it, somedays I switch ot off. It significantly improves the sound on “limited” hardware especially the dynamics in the frequency extremes, and stereo separation , just do long as you don’t go crazy with the settings keep ’em 4 or less.

It’s not CD-quality, but it comes close enough for me. I’ve tried a few other similar DSPs, and this one is by far the best–a must have for any Winamp user. Kudos to the author for this very nice piece of work! This Plugin one of the greatest ones Yet!! Good for a party – The ambience effect, and overall bass boost makes this plugin best for a party.

In normal day to day use it’s not that extraordinary but has a fair functionality. Cool to see that romanian folks release plugins here. Great Plug-In – Makes a huge difference in sound quality, but some scratching in the backround prevents it from getting 5 stars. AmaZing Dsp I have ever Used! I really congrats Adrian. It is far more good then DFX and free too!

The best! I am using it for 2 years now and i still couldn’t find a better one. Crackling or popping is one sign you have the settings too high.

Turn everything off and clean the connections if they are dirty. The enhancement in the sound is outstanding and it’s very flexible. It has only a problem that is the volume regulator which is intended to avoid saturation but makes the sound flat, it can be avoided setting the volume below 3 and turning on the booster.

Awesome – Well, I’ve downloaded this piece ov art some time ago and felt obligated to come back and give it a 5 and write some stvff. This plug-in deserves any 5 it gets!!! It’s simple and effective Now I just feel bad that I don’t have svch control over sovnd qvality in my mp3 player Enhances what needs enhancing – I like this DSP a lot, but just keep in mind that if you were happy with your sound before, this will just make things a little worse.

I suppose you could enhance it if you were a power-user who doesn’t mind tweaking every little setting. For the rest of us, I reccommend sticking to the presets, save for the ambience and dry signal settings, which seem to be particularly relevant. Anywhoo, this works really well on live, bootleg, and low bitrates, where your sound could use the enhancing. Excellent plugin – This utility really raises the music – before install I often felt the sound was a little flat, something that the standard EQ helped with but wasn’t the answer to.

The treble is in contrast sharp and precise. Just install, set to the “normal” preset, then sit back and feel the difference. Best of the Bunch – Really makes the music sparkle with good controls. The bass sounds real not boomy or fake like the rest. I tried them all free and paid and this is best hands down. Use it you will love it. This is a Great achhievment In Multimedia Technology. Best feeling ever – This is a plugin where I was to make myself believe to be listening a live band when I closed my eyes, with a subwoofer its a complete package.

I’m loving it! Autogain sucks though – I must admit, this is the best sound enhancement plugin for winamp. I’ll never be able to listen to music again without it :. Not scientific – This is a great idea, but theres something missing.

I mean cmon. These are not scientific words here. How could this possibly make your songs better?? It’s the same bits and bytes! Its not like you download “your song only better. Theres no physical way it could make a song better, thats nonsense, scott.

I’ll give it 1 star for effort. REally nice – Has very easy to use and easy to hear effects. Adds a lot to all bitrate music. Get it. Nothing else is better than this. Or more? I was overjoyed to download and appreciate music with this when I upgraded it from Enhancer 0. This one is ultimately much better than other plugins. If configurated properly, it will really enhance your music experience without any quality loss-i believe so. I wish that the author will not forget his huge amount of supporters, and will supprise us once again with a new Enhancer.

It makes all types of music sound better, on all types of soundcards and speakers. The reverb is great, the auto-gain is great, and easy to configure. I only wish the author would continue working on this, it’s been over three years without an update. I would love to see a new version come out. Thank you. Helps in improving the sound quality and maintaining a good volume level.

Fantastic – All I gotta say os it made my tunes sound X better – May 4, by robert byrne. Fairly good could be better – personally i like how it makes my music sound, however i do not like the way the volume is set up, it works like a limiter, it would be nice if it had a memory, and that the volume didn’t bounce, it just sounds screwed up about that, but the bass boost is imense – April 17, by g-bus rice. I must however concur with the STAFF here and one of the reviews as well which metions the crackling and popping.

Strangely it does only happen on some presets but only with certain songs. One song you can try and download is Lenny Welch’s “since I fell for you” To avoid the crk and pop you must to one of two things: SHUT OFF “Boost” and then you can keep volume at 10 or you can keep “Boost” on or set volume at 5 or 4 as one reviewer mentioned This is clearly a bug but one I can live with for such a great free plugin.

Still The Best! I use it in my laptop and in a desktop with 5. Just try it and play with it a bit. It’s still the best.

Absolutely tears it up with Trance, especially on Philosomatika. I have Denon, Onkyo, Marantz and it all just f-in rocks now.!! If there is a better one, pls let me know! No other plug-in competes with this one! So I tryed this 1 out. I am used of the plug-in to start up with winamp but this is a joke. I am using winamp 5. Exelent – this is the best in this category, works good with every version of winamp, no bugs and exellent sound, too bad that there no updates for this one : – January 28, by Denis Prigojin.

Fantastic – This Enhancher is very cool. The quality of voice is excellent. Very easy to use, just loading one of available presets setting, I have found the best setting suitable to my preference. Adrian, I am waiting for the next version. And FREE. I love freeware. And I would give it a 4. Download it now! You won’t believe your ears!!! Where to start. I’ll probably seen it before, but I guess it looked anonymous. Well one day I did give it a go and oh my!

Still today been using it now for quite some while everytime I start up Winamp 2, still prefer it over 3 and here this baby I’m like, WOW. And I don’t have some ultra high-spec soundcard. Just a “good” one, nothing special though, and even better yet, I listen through a pair of 10 Euro Sony headphones. No watt Dolby 7. Even through these cheap headphones! I don’t know how he pulled this off, I have no clue at programming at all, but man this guy us a genius in my mind.

And it’s FREE! Never touched DFX or any other plugin ever again ok my pitchfork excluded, which is used in conjuction with enhancer I would like to point out an important thing to everyone about the automatic Volume control.

Yes I had my ears blown out a couple of times too, very painfull all that high volume treble speciall through headphones on max. BY FAR! The best I have tried – I don’t have a lot to say except that this is the plug-in I use since it apeered on the site.

I think it is the best. The sound it’s so clear that some times I wonder if the song is realy that good, or thas Enhancer make’s it sound so good. A MUST!!! Best Plug-in – I want to say only one word! Best Plug-in i’ve ever seen! Definitely the best I’ve seen My only complaint would be the automatic volume adjustment which hinders the bass and, at times, curdles your brains with treble.

In my humble opinion, it should be the other way around. I even quit using Winamp3 because this plugin was so good. Only thing it is missing is a stereo delay. You need this plug-in – Dieses Plug-In holt echt ne menge aus euren mp3s raus! Best DSP plugin I’ve ever tried. Even lets you make your own skins. Completely free too.

It is the Best plugin in DSP category! On othere hand Enhancer is minimum times better then Dfx or Jamma. It really rocks my pc and most of all its a freeware wherer else U will find such a Nice plugin for the free?

Very Very thanks to Nullsoft and Adrian Iosif. Is there any source from where i can learn how to develop plugins for winamp? The best music hall simulator – For me it’s one of the best plugins ever written Its reverb is so real that you can feel like in music hall!

Provided that you have a good equippment Download it : – October 1, by Slawek B. But enhancer will really do the job. Best plug-in – period! DL it or regret it! Cool, real cool – Lives upto its name. Enhances the sound really well. Best DSP plugin i have tried. Waiting for the next version. A few more skins will be better. DFX, Dee, and all the rest are useless and not worth spending money on compared to Enhancer.

Makes my watt system sound ever better. I love the presets and they actually sound like what they’re intended for, and don’t add more distortion like DFX or Dee, notice i said more, as in more that the distortion that already exists using DFX or Dee.

This is simply the best Winamp plugin out there. Excellent work. Great Sound – This definatly is a must if you enjoy superior sound. I was sceptical at first.. Ive got a 5. Not to mention this thing is free, ive tried some of the ones you can only demo..

The only downside is the popup you get anytime you want to change the settings.. Highly recommend this plugin! Very awesome – In my experience, with the right settings don’t use presets you can easily get your speakers to sound 30 or 40 bucks better.

I see no reason this shouldn’t be integrated into the standard Winamp package. It’s good – I’ve been using this plug-in for 4 months now and i like it very much, but I don’t see the role of the auto-adjust volume bar. Also a few skins for it would not hurt. Until now I have only got 1 skin and it is’t good at all. This is it!!! The effects blow me away. Thank God there are presets.

A must have!! Easy to use and really ands definition the audio. Must have good speakers to really enjoy the enhancement. Ahhh, yes – shad shad, you fool! Here’s how you use it! Double click your winamp and configure your DSP effects! Then you say that it screwed up your sound, but I doubt you even have any speakers!

Still the best – I’ve been using enhancer for a long time, It does eat up alot of resources on older computers my old one was a celeron but it really does sound great. The reverb’s effect is subtle, most reverbs i’ve used make it sound like you are underwater or in a highschool gym, this one just makes the sound fill the room better, My settings are, from top to bottom, [3,6,4,5,4,10,7,5,4,2] – June 19, by Jon D.

I’ve tried all kind of sound enhancing plugins, but believe me, this is the best. Make some presets and have fun. I really hope to see a new version here soon. Beautiful reverb – One of the best reverbs heard in any plugin, beats even the Creative hardware accelerated stuff, now if only creative would start using the same model Awesome plugin and it’s free – Makes an awesome “true” sound if you combine it with 4front Headphone plugin using DSP Stacker.

Needs little tweaking to get the best of it though. Incredible Sound Enhancer – After searching for forever for a decent sound enhancer, I found this Incredible one!! It literally gave me chills. I definately recomend downloading this one!! Awsome – Best Plug-in for WinAmp!!! A must have i you want to take it too the max! Not the best – I used to think this was the very best plugin.. Until I tried Dee and Enhancer. And Enhancer is even better than Dee.

So try enhancer and compare : – June 8, by Marc Hex. Download this one! Also, it’s simplicity is unsurpassed. If you think your music sounds good now, download this! You will be amazed. From the very second you click it on, you will wonder how you listened to your favorite mp3s without it. Then, you will realize there are genre specific presets along with it.

Five stars! Thank you Adrian! Pretty good, but It takes a bit of fiddling and setting up, and I find it can be a little over agressive with bass if you dont tame it first. Its just overkill. My ONE drawback with this plugin is that it thinks it can do more than it can well. Its got its own odd kind of compression in it, which really irritates me since I compress my audio outside of my computer. The compression is in the form of the little volum slider wiggling up and down.

I wouldnt mind this if it was good compression, but unfortunatley its not. What I found even more irritating was that I could not turn this feature off at all. My opinion is pretty good effect on low and and “harmonic treble” but left on presets can be over agressive.

Who needs it? This is an excellent tool if you’re into this kinda thing, but if you think you need it, get better speakers or cans! I can’t get used to the processed sound, no matter how well it’s done. The answer is in your hardware, not in software manipulation. I said keep it below five all the way down, period. Wrong, of course keep the dry signal at I also said that it won’t perform miracles with the deep end. Wrong, not miracles, but it does a far better job than I realized because I had the volume too low.

Four to six for the volume, ten for dry signal, two to five for the rest. Some MP3s like ambience, some don’t. Four max on ambience and range. I still don’t really recommend the presets. Use the Winamp spectrum output as a guide for settings. But check it out, not because it is free, but because it is truly first-rate.

Winamp 2. Great combination, thanks guys. Free is great too, and I’ll wager you have to spend a bunch to do better. It does what it says For someone who does not have alot of knowledge in soundmixing and all that goes along with it, this is for you!!! It is all you need and comes with ready pre-sets already installed. Great – This plugin can’t be beat for it’s price Some of the other DSP plugins may sound better, have better performance, etc. Try this one out first and see if it fits your needs before spending money on the others.

Perfect – I couldn’t use this on my P but since I got a new computer I can’t live without it. The best DSP plugin for Winamp, period. Except for the volume feature. It’s nice but it makes loud portions of the music too quiet. It’s easy to solve though. Set the volume slider down low enough so the plugin wont’ have to decrease its volume around 4 and everything is good.

Best plug-in available. It’s very simple, but the results are greater than i expected. This is definetely a must-have for all of you. At first i thought: “Hmm.. If you have small speakers be advised, leave the slider in it’s default position to avoid blowing up your speakers. There is a little snap, crackle, pop on some presets, but overall this is a great plugin. Wow – I love this plugin. What I really need is Winamp3 version of this : – April 13, by – Hell, now everything is 4-day lame shareware.

This one is a nice exception, and it works as intended. Also, it is almost not buggy. This one is a must. Mediocre – Its an ok plugin, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Not just on features but on quality too by far, Dee2 is 64bit Dee2 isnt free, but its only about 10 bucks The reason I gave Enhancer 0 stars is Perfect – Just perfect, it doesn’t get any better than this, and it’s free! All the other reverb effects on other DSPs sound too artificial.

This one’s pure which I love. DFX and Dee2 couldn’t match this plugin. If It dug as deep as Bass as Dee2, than it’d be the only plugin i’d ever use. Other ones don’t even match up! Both Dee and DFX don’t even come close to this! This plugin creates smooth deep sounds from deep bass to the high trebles without static or noise interference. No processed sound here!! It sends out sound You’ll find out that “Enhancer” is the only one you’ll need.

Kicks ass – Simply amazing sound, and for free too! I’ve tried some of the other plugins here, but this one rocks!! It rules with its crisp clear but yet fat sound. Poor my neighboors I hope they enjoy trance!! Winamp Slogan Time – It really whips the llamma’s ass! Download it today – February 27, by Professor Tom. Better than DFX and Dee2! Pure gold. Excellent job, Adrian! It would be nice if this plug-in was a standard part of winamp, and not a plug-in.

To keep winamp the best sounding player around – It’s worth buying the code for the DSP from the creator in my opinion. Winamp and Enhancer combined is the top end of sound quality, i dont think you could get much better that this About the volume setting in Enhancer, Setting it at 3 does stop the volume jumping up and down during play. It gives realistic sound, crystal brightness, and what you hear is pure and natural, unlike the other DSP plugins that make overloaded and artificial sounding, losing the sense of the original and not processed sound.

The Enhancer TM makes the sound comfortable and enjoyable to your ears, and makes you use it all the time, no matter what type of music you are listening to. All you got to do is choose the preset that is really sutibale to what you’re listening at the moment. When you download this one, trust me, you’ll never need anything else. It’s the best, it’s free and it’s yours, if you appreciate your music and your ears.

I get all the cool and all the sound too! I Hope it stays free dont change a thing its perfect! I would give it more than a 5 but winamp.

Damn You Adrian!!!!! Your plug-in shattered the windows on my armoured bullet-proof Mercedes Benz S I would have sued you but I think I will do that after you release Enhancer for Winamp3. I love you and Enhancer. This is the only thing that’s stopping me from making the move to Winamp3 so please hurry up!! Good Luck in all you do. Best of all – December 20, by Alfred Flores. Hell Ya – This is it.

The search for the perfect winamp plugin has been found. Great plugin well worth downloading – this is a great plugin i thought I will never turn this one off!!!! The Best enhancer available – Simple, easy to use, and great sound enhancement. Much better than the rubbish that is DFX. You really need this if you’re playing music on your PC. No more playing with EQ.

Don’t mess with EQ anymore. Its great – This plugin is really good for acoustic sound. Very clear and the club ambience preset kicks ass! Download it anyway. The club ambience preset itself is worth it. It feels like I’m clubbin everytime i use it. And yes,the Bass sounds great with this.

My book cabinet’s glass panes shook a lot. Satisfaction – this is the best darn plug-in! Thanks Adrian,i can rattle my skull now. Beautiful – Take any other sound enhancer out there This is the ONLY thing you will need. Really good plug-in – Makes music sound better. Waitin for a Winamp 3 compatible version – November 7, by Marco Antonio. Great – Does not work with vidamp, but otherwise it’s perfect.

Without Enhancer you have nothing you can call sound! With Winamp,Enhancer and Simply surround you got the best sound you can get! I have one left I mean it!!! This plugin just owns – I dont have pretty much more to say , this plugin just gives an incredible output when tweaked correclty so take 5mins of your time downloading and setting it then you wont regret it , even if your soundcard isnt that evolved.

I am waiting for the version compatible with winamp This plugin is the only reason im not switching to winamp3 : it beats easily DFX Dont Leave Without it!!! If you have large speakers just check out the harmonic bass!!!

For more info just ask my neighbours : The program deserves 7 stars, not only 5! Keep up the good work man!!! OMG – This has to be the best dsp effect ive ever had Volume control ain’t great – This plug in is probably the greatest made, apart from the volume control.

If you leave it at 10 for example, when a solo comes in, the music goes really loud see for yourself.

It wuold get 5 star if they left out that control Apart from this though, it’s excellent; simple but functional, just like winamp – August 1, by Logs Jiblose. It is a must download plug in. Bye bye DFX. Great – Works great on my puter! Have it hooked up to my sound system and it puts the room inside the sound!! Tha Shiznig – I should add The only dsp plug in i use – I have to say, this is the best dsp plug-in I’ve ever used.

The one star off is for the fact that it doesn’t allow winamp to have multiple instances. Otherwise it does deserve 5 stars. Excellent for that extra richness – Brilliant. Load up a preset and you’ve got the wonderfully rich sound that you get from an expensive in-car radio.

Kewl – Great presets. Added it to my creative mixer tweaks. Highly reccomend it. Calkiem, Calkiem – Trzeba przyznac, ze niezla to rzecz. Spelnia podstawowe wymogi: maly, z duza iloscia opcji, funkcjonalny. Osobiscie nie toleruje “potworow” wiekszycz od mojego ampa. Beats Dfx, Dee, etc. My favourite option is the harmonic bass.

I was seriously considering purchasing a subharmonic synthesizer, and then I stumbled upon this fantastic plug-in that just about made me pee my pants.

Granted, the “Harmonic Bass” is not quite a classic dbx and the “Harmonic Treble” is far from a mature Aphex, but they are about as close as a person can get for free. I am an extremely critical listener, and even with my studio reference monitors and professional studio headphones it is difficult to pick out distortion or other sound quality problems with this plug-in.

The biggest shortcoming is that the volume leveler, while actually not that terrible, cannot be defeated. If there was the option of turning off the leveler then this plug-in would be six starts out of five. VERY nice job! Totally Awsome – This sound enhancer is some much better than dfx, and the best thing abou tis that you dont have to pay for it.

If i were you i would download this over DFX. I Need Consistent Volume – I’ve tried Enhancer and am quite satisfied to what it does to my mp3’s. I hope Adrian could fix this “volume surge” problem then I would for sure, stick to Enhancer.

Right now, I prefer Tomass’ Limiter despite its lack of bass punch. Of course, the cracked version of Octimax and Dee 1. More Work!!! Better than throwing out the laptop I was so excited, I went out and bought a new pair of Sony folding studio headphones just to listen to mp3’s on this thing with. I loaded up an old old favorite, ” And Justice for All”, and thought I’d plugged the headphones into the wrong jack.

I tried 4 or 5 other DSPs from the winamp site who shall remain nameless. They had flashy slick skins and UI, but they sounded either distorted, too extreme no finesse in adjustment , or like someone had just discovered phase changing and reverb Thank GOD!

Just open it up and hit “general improvements”, no fuss, no muss, no playing with endless sliders that go from “suck” to “SUCK”. Adrian Losif, I owe you a debt of gratitude!

Keep up the good work and come with a new version! I dont write much on this comment but anyway this makes my winAmp wake with a new space and sound. Im sattisfied with this plugin and waiting for the new version and improvement. The Enhancer did the best. Better than I thought it could do. Rock steady was barely adequate, and the buyware sucked, though it uninstalled real easy like. This thing rules. I downloaded it and noticed a difference first thing.

Who could complain? All others who complain? Keep up the good work and I would like to see a newer version when you have some time. Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – Unlike a lot of the shareware programs that promise the world,this one really measures up to the challenge of creating great sound.

I have around 10 presets on the winamp equalizer that I go back and forth between,but since finding this program I have a greater appreciation for some of the talent that is out there and tip my hat to those who see fit to share what they know wiht the masses for no other benifit then to make the experience better for all.

My PlugIn – What a grat thing! Really enhances my sound! Must Download!!!


DFX for Winamp for Windows – Download it from Uptodown for free – Popular Pages

Filter: All Freeware Demo. Finely-Tuned Music Presets DFX is supplied with a broad set of easy to select processing presets that make it easy to find the settings which best match your audio system and listening tastes. Programs released under this license can be used at no cost for both personal and commercial purposes. Winamp Media Player 5. There is also the possibility to configure the tool to work in Stereo mode and re-enact it correctly.


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