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But then Gabby figures out a raccoon named Rufus is the culprit. The spaceships and settings used in this movie were all CGI computer-generated imagery which makes it seem realistic. Because these scenes show a close-up look at Harrison Ford as Han Solo piloting his ship through different planets, they are all great Disney Zoom backgrounds. The beautiful colors and lighting effects give us a sense of depth when we see Han Solo piloting his ship along with the help of his trusty Wookie partner Chewbacca.

This scene is one of my favorite Disney Zoom backgrounds and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The Death Star Control Room scene features a round table with three-dimensional maps on it, which appears to rotate as characters stand around it speaking or plotting an attack Wikipedia contributors.

This is called a zoom-in shot. Zoom shots can be done with or without moving cameras. The Rebel Base scene photos and pictures on this page are used as official promo visuals published by Disney and their partners. This Zoom background Image has a look of science fiction that will make you feel like an astronaut traveling through space looking at planets and stars along your way. The different shades of blue really make me feel like I am watching something magical take place during a lightning storm at night time.

The starry sky really shines through as the actors watch over what is theirs from the sky, but what makes this background so amazing is that it also has a lot going on in terms of movement and action.

It is armed with a super laser capable of destroying entire planets, according to the knowledge base at Wookiepedia. The image also shows an explosion during the Battle of Endor, which is fought between Alliance forces and Imperial forces to prevent a planet-sized weapon from firing on planets in the galaxy. This background has lots of skyscrapers and buildings with paths on them which makes it look perfect for your presentation or any other project you may be doing.

The light at night gives it a very realistic look which makes it attractive to anyone who may be viewing your background. This background is one of the best you can use for sessions on projects related to space, technology, or any other futuristic theme due to its resemblance with actual scenes in movies like Star Wars and others. If you want to create a kingly setting during some of your Zoom sessions, then you should use these images from your Royal Throne scenes.

You can also see some other royalty settings as well such as the room of a palace, throne rooms, etc. As one of the best Disney Zoom backgrounds, you can use Sleeping Beauty images to create beautiful Zoom backgrounds. This specific type of Zoom background is perfect if you want to share inside information about the movie with other people who will visit your site as well. The best part about this type of Zoom background is that it looks very good and professional at the same time, which means that your website will look great as well.

Disney is known for its animation and cartoons. The Little Mermaid has been a huge hit since the release of the movie in , to the present day. This background would give your Zoom sessions a unique and fun feel as you relive some of your childhood memories through the eyes of Ariel. Disney Aladdin Palace has become a popular name in animation movies and the brand continues to innovate its products with amazing graphics.

As we know, Disney came up with the popular movie, Aladdin. Above is an awesome background from the epic animated film which was released on the 24th of May, If you are a big fan of Aladdin, and if you are looking to download Aladdin Palace, then this is the perfect place for you.

The Aladdin Palace has been designed in such a way that every fan of Disney would love to have these images as their Zoom background. The film follows Belle as she tries to get through her days in a provincial town that has seen better times.

She finds happiness with Prince Adam when he turns into a beast. The stone background with winding paths is sure to make an impression. You can use this zoomed-in view of the main hall for presenters who want their audience to feel part of the action.

The latest addition to the Disney cast of characters is Moana, a young girl on an impossible journey. Her story takes place in ancient Oceania with stunning landscapes and vibrant culture that adds so much depth to her character. There are some great ones out there, but my favorite is the first island scene that appears on this post.

Using the Princess and the Frog for your Zoom background is a great way to bring the feel of New Orleans to your work. The colors and images are bright and lively as such, it will really grab anyone who comes across your screen. The Incredibles scene images for Zoom backgrounds, animated films from The Incredibles 2 were on the list of best Zoom backgrounds.

The sequel to the original film was released in June and is a direct continuation of it, continuing all events that happened after its end. It has been ranked as one of the best movies ever made and many people have seen it, even if they are not fans of Disney films. The plot revolves around Remy who wants to be a chef despite the fact he is a rat living with his family in Parisian sewers.

Finding Nemo is a great Zoom background if you want to bring the ocean to your computer or mobile device. The corals and fish of Finding Nemo are great for a Zoom background. The colors pop and the images look vibrant on your screen. This would make an excellent background with all sorts of different colored fish like clownfish, firefish, and seahorses. The animation and graphics were top-notch for its time even though it was nearly a decade ago so it will make for a catchy Zoom background.

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May 09,  · Our in-parks team takes a LOT of photos every week from all around Walt Disney World. Some of the photos end up in the blog, on our web site, or on social media. But with so many photos, there’s some that we personally love, and so we want to share some of those with you so you can use them as a Zoom background at your next meeting. Disney Zoom Backgrounds: Add Some Animated Magic To Your. Oct 16,  · Amazing Zoom Backgrounds to Take You From Your Favorite TV Show to Disney World! October 16, – AM – 0 Comments By Alexandra Hurtado Parade @alimariehurtado.


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