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How to join a Zoom meeting | Tom’s Guide.PSA: Yes you can join a Zoom meeting in the browser – TechCrunch


There are other remote teaching tools like Google Classroom and Google Hangouts Meet, but I think for video conferencing style lessons, Zoom is the best. I have also two videos at the bottom of this guide. Time needed: 10 minutes. From your internet browser go to zoom. Signing up to Zoom is super easy. As with most sites now you can sign up using your Google or Facebook login details I used the Google option in this guide.

You can also sign up with your email address. Zoom has various browser extensions which make starting or scheduling a meeting even easier. In addition to the Google Chrome extension I used, there is also a Firefox extension and an Outlook Add-in which puts Zoom right in your Outlook side bar. Clicking on the Chrome Extension, brings up a very simple box. Self explanatory really. Ok, so now we dive headlong into starting a meeting. This gives you 3 options for different types of meetings.

You are just presenting your screen. I think, as you can mute all voices, except your own. Schwab knew immediately what was happening. Schwab and the meeting host acted quickly to shut down the call. The incident lasted less than a minute, but that was enough time for the hackers to shout antisemitic profanities, Schwab said. The host changed Zoom settings to lock down the meeting to uninvited guests, and took other measures.

Ten minutes later, the virtual game night was up and running again. Similar incidents have been reported from around the city and country. Earlier this week, the FBI Boston Division put out a warning about Zoombombing after receiving reports of video conferences being interrupted with hate speech, pornography and threatening language. I hate to say it but my first impression of Zoom was a disaster.

Through no fault of the host. Somehow the session was hacked. In the meeting multiple people said it’s happening more often and a great platform is being ruined. Hugely popular video conferencing app Zoom has an annoying problem with a simple fix. Like GearBrain on Facebook. March 30 Read More: How to stop all those annoying Houseparty app notifications How to play games and quizzes with Amazon Alexa NFL follows Nascar and F1 with televised esports tournament But it hasn’t taken long for internet trolls to take advantage of how, by default, anyone who knows the web address of a Zoom video conference can join in and share.

First, here’s how to prevent people in your Zoom meeting from sharing their screen with the participants: How to prevent Zoombombing before you start a Zoom call Click on the Settings button on the left-hand side Scroll down to the ‘Screen sharing’ section Change ‘Who can share? How to prevent Zoombombing after you have started a Zoom call If you forgot to change the screen-share setting before you started the call, don’t worry.

There are several other ways to keep your Zoom meeting room private and safe. They are as follows:. Show Comments. What works with Xfinity xFi. What works with Samsung SmartThings. What works with Amazon Alexa. Your Email Subscribe. Top Stories. GearBrain helps you find, buy and connect any smart device. It’s also important to keep your Zoom app up to date so your privacy is always protected with the latest security patches. Luckily, Zoom recently rolled out a new automatic update feature that makes this process a whole lot more convenient.

For more, check out how to use the sneaky Zoom Escaper tool to get out of your meetings, how to combat Zoom anxiety and Zoom fatigue , and how to make your video meetings a little less weird. And, does Zoom’s free plan have ads now? Your guide to a better future. Rae Hodge.

Rae Hodge Senior Editor. Make sure you update your Zoom privacy settings. Read more: 20 Zoom video chat tips, tricks and hidden features Privacy experts previously expressed concerns about Zoom in , when the video-conferencing software experienced both a webcam hacking scandal , and a bug that allowed people to potentially join video meetings they hadn’t been invited to , if those meetings weren’t protected with a password.

Here are some of the privacy vulnerabilities in Zoom to keep an eye on. Zoom’s cloud recording feature might share meeting video with people outside the call For paid subscribers, Zoom’s cloud recording feature can either be a life-saver or a catastrophic faux pas waiting to happen.

If you’re in a meeting that’s being recorded, Zoom’s privacy notification will alert you. Zoom Read more: The best VPN services for Zoom even shared information with Facebook By now, you’re used to hearing it from the privacy-minded: Don’t use Facebook to log in to other sites and software unless you want Facebook to have data on what you’re doing.


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