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Bulk installation and configuration of Windows in Zoom App

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To show magnifier as a square, add mz-square to the cssClass option:. Permit users to control the magnifier with their mousewheel – set variableZoom to true. For quick previews, show an entire image on hover. This is excellent for immediately showing larger images on category pages or search result listings.

You can display different images of a product by adding an id attribute to the main image link and a data-zoom-id attribute to the alternative image links. Use href attribute in the alternative image link to specify an URL to the big image and data-image for the path to the small image. In the example below, the unique id is motorbike.

There are 3 images – big, small and tiny. TIP : If activated, lazyZoom will apply to both big and small sized images not tiny images. Images swap by default when clicked with a dissolve transition. To swap the images on mouse over, set selectorTrigger to hover. You can also turn off the dissolve effect with the transitionEffect: false :. Add arrows to your image gallery to inspire visitors to browse previous and next images. Set cssClass parameter to mz-show-arrows and the left and right arrows will display neatly next to your main image:.

To highlight each gallery thumbnail completely when selected, set cssClass parameter to thumbnails-style-shaded :. Tip : Add a space between each cssClass option when using multiple settings. For example, if you would like to show gallery arrows mz-show-arrows and shade thumbnail completely thumbnails-style-shaded , your code will look like this:.

A hint is displayed on the image to indicate that the image is zoomable and can be controlled with the hint parameter. By default the hint appears once and hides after the first interaction with the image.

You can configure hint to always appear on the image with hint: always. To remove hint, set hint parameter to off :. The text of the hint can be changed with the textHoverZoomHint option if zoom activates on hover or textClickZoomHint if zoom activates on click:. Do not create desktop shortcuts: Disable by default. Additional configuration options -ZConfig : To enable additional options, add the ZConfig parameter at the end of the installation selection.

Allows the user to change the settings. Expand the settings , but use ZRecommend instead of ZConfig to allow users to change them within the Zoom desktop client. Use both ZConfig and ZRecommend to force certain settings, but allow users to change other default settings. Zoom a completely uninstall, the following uninstaller please use the command. You can use the following switches when running the installer:.

These options are disabled by default. For more information on the policies and options available for configuration, see Available Group Policy and Templates.

If you want to see the original of this article, see Mass Installation and Configuration for Windows. Continue reading if you are interested in additional details and configurations.

The MSI installer offers the option to generate a log file during installation to assist with troubleshooting should any problems arise. You can use the following commands to create a verbose log file with details about the installation. The Zoom MSI installer has auto-update disabled by default. Enabling auto-update will not technically perform the updates automatically, however users will not require elevated admin rights to update the application when prompted to upgrade to the latest version.

The Zoom installer has auto-start disabled by default. This setting enables the Zoom application to launch everytime you startup Windows.


Zoom installation parameters –

– SecureVideo – Install Zoom: MSI The following is a list of the current installers for the Zoom application and various plugins. PC Windows. How to download the admin desktop client installer · Go to the Zoom Download Center · Click on Download for IT Admin, and then click the Download button under. How to deploy with Intune ; Description- Enter the description of the app, i.e Zoom Meeting app. ; Publisher- Enter Zoom Video Communications. ; App install.


Zoom installation parameters.Deploy Zoom as a Win32 App with Intune

Jul 09,  · Zoom installer parameters Looking for: Download for Windows – installation and configuration of Windows in Zoom App – Zoom Guide. Click here to ENTER. Feel free to send a PM with meeting link -or I can send /txt one. This article will serve as an informative guide and give you a clear understanding of how to perform. Jul 07,  · – Zoom msi silent install parameters. Click here to ENTER. Download the to a folder created at (C:\Downloads) · Open an Elevated Command Prompt by Right-Clicking on Command Prompt and select Run as. I’m using the default installer, with no special configurations being applied. Here’s what I’ve found: The command line deployment with all the. Users would get prompts to install zoom when trying to joing a meeting. It would take them to the exe installer (which is a per-user installation). MSI can be deployed as an all user installation and our image has and MSI install already on it. The user would then end up with two copies of zoom installed (zoom – msi and Zoom – exe).


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