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For the time being OTP has been disabled on login. Please try logging in again, and If you are still having difficulties logging in, please let me know. That is a conversation that you should have with your AE from Zoom. This is not the correct forum for a conversation as such.

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Browse Backgrounds. Visit the page. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Zoom Products Meetings Re: How to disable login verification code. How to disable login verification code. Go to solution. Subzer01 Listener. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

In response to jeremyjustin. Thank you for the response. In response to leopoldj. How do we change the email that these notifications will be sent to? The OTP is definitely inconvenient and unnecessary. Renie1 Listener. This is not an adequate solution. Zoom needs to fix this! RegisterMac Listener. Buttercup Listener. In response to gestaltinstitut. Please put in a support ticket requesting an OTP Exception for your account with your use case. FabioTomas Listener.

Terri1 Listener. In response to FabioTomas. In response to Terri1. There’s a way to disable OTP? I’m trying to find.

Its a zoom security issue and they aren’t offering any alternative. JenniferLam Listener. Hi, I am struggling with the same issue!! Best regards Jennifer. In response to JenniferLam.

Hi Terri, No, we don’t even have the 2FA enabled. This is not related to 2FA at all Thanks Jennifer. In response to lucy TSCAbj Listener. Hello Everyone, We had 2FA enabled to secure access to our account. Please, who knows how to truly disable this feature once and for all? Preview file. In response to TSCAbj. Hi, Have you check if 2FA is enabled on that exact account? DYO Listener. YaBoiB Community Champion.

In response to DYO. In response to YaBoiB. Thanks, Brandon If this response was helpful for you, please do not forget to click on the accepted solutions button! Hello, Thank you for your patience. That is great news. FHM Listener. This is an utter disgrace, and constitutes a breach of contract from ZOOM’s end. We have now spent hours and hours trying to find out what really happened – with our users not being able to use the PAID licenses. Are you going to reimburse us for all the time spent, and all the aggravation you have caused?

Peter van Velzen, NL. In response to FHM. Hi Brandon, Thank you for your response, but, no, sorry, not so helpful. Who decides what can be posted on this forum? Zoom has effectively robbed us from properly using our licenses, by introducing what Zoom calls a ‘security-measure’ – an OTP based on an alledged suspicious login. Bring the functionality of the office to your home with video meetings, phone calls, whiteboarding, and annotation on your personal collaboration device.

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Solved: Re: How to disable login verification code – Zoom Community.Zoom | IT@Cornell


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Zoom is a cloud-based meeting platform that provides video, audio, and screen sharing options across multiple platforms, including mobile. Conestoga provides Zoom web по этой ссылке software for staff, faculty, and students for teaching and collaboration purposes.

Conestoga Zoom Login. Securing Zoom Meetings. Consolidated Zoom Resources. Quick Zoom login zoom Zoom Learning Center. Zoom Live Training. Faculty Learning Hub: Zoom articles. Privacy and consent for synchronous classroom tools. LinkedIn Learning Sign-in required.

What is Zoom? Learn more about how zoom login zoom join Zoom meetings from different devices. Sharing your screen in a meeting You can also share a whiteboard and annotate on the screen during a Zoom meeting. If you’re interested in pre-assigning breakout rooms, you can learn more about how to do this.

Use this template. Generating Meeting Reports for Registration and Polling. By default, all Conestoga accounts have captioning enabled for cloud recordings. It is recommended to use the Record to the Cloud option. Step 5: A notice will appear that live transcription is enabled. Participants can enable and disable on their own zoom login zoom if their client is updated.


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Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces. Discover hybrid solutions. Discover new ways to zoom login zoom Zoom solutions to power your modern workforce. Network with other Zoom users, and share your own product and industry insights. Get documentation on deploying, managing, and using the Zoom platform.

Check out our new Work Transformation Summit page, and join our upcoming event to learn how leading organizations are building a smarter zoom login zoom workspace for their employees. We zoom login zoom a Zoom zoom login zoom that is shared by several people to host meetings.

When logging into Zoom it often thinks that there is an unusual login and the hosts are asked to enter zoom login zoom verification code please see screenshot below. The verification code is sent to the account email that these hosts have no access to.

This is causing a lot of frustration and delays. Is there any way we can disable this logion verification? Thank you. Go to Solution. With Client Release 5. This feature is designed to avoid fraud and abuse.

If for any reason, you are having issues logging in because of the feature above, please contact support zoom login zoom they can investigate and provide solutions as necessary. Support can enable their 2FA in order to bypass the security feature mentioned above so that users can temporarily log in to their account. View solution in original post.

Hi leopoldj thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! Assuming this account you are signing in with does not go through a corporate Single Sign On SSO type login method, this setting can be modified in the Zoom portal. To modify this setting, an admin or the tenant owner can sign into the Zoom web portal, click on “Advanced” and then “Security”. If this has answered your question to your satisfaction, please click the “Accept as Solution” zoom login zoom below but if not please reply and we can continue the discussion.

Thank you! This is not related to 2FA. We don’t have 2FA enabled. This issue is about Zoom thinking at zoom login zoom that there is an unusual login attempt. Sorry, I wasn’t very clear about that. Let me modify the question. Thank you leopoldj I appreciate the extra details. OTP is a security feature that Zoom implemented to help protect Zoom customers who по этой ссылке the work email and password log on type without Two Factor Authentication 2FA enabled. If Zoom zoom login zoom that a user is logging into their account from an unusual or unknown location, Zoom will send the user an email with a One Time Password to enter into Zoom before they can access their account.

By doing so, this will potentially cut down account hijackings due to compromised or weak credentials. Zoom login zoom basically this is a security feature built into the system and not something you can disable. We are an education company. We have about 12 paid licenses which is enough for the zoom login zoom of classes we zoom login zoom at the same time. However, zoom login zoom have about instructors.

When an zoom login zoom is scheduled to teach a class we assign a Zoom user to them. Hi leopoldj I can definitely understand. Perhaps you could create a shared mailbox to receive those emails. Zoom login zoom wish I could be more helpful but this is not a zoom login zoom solution as I’m sure you can understand.

But thank you for using Zoom to teach and we appreciate your input here on the community! We have the exact same issue. Multiple instructors all over the country using our Zoom accounts to teach classes.

We need the control and don’t want them using their personal zoom login zoom accounts. We then send the invitation to all the students.

This OTP and 2-step verification is overkill. The Waiting Room is enough to keep unwanted people out of Zoom. I have exactly the same issue. I am admin for a charity community of members who need to be able to sign in to the shared Zoom account to start meetings.

This is a potential killer for us! Until a week ago, we were quite happily sharing our account, then things all changed. It seems as if everywhere on the face of the planet except a few home locations is deemed “suspicious”! The so-called “AI” is basically just looking up a list of known IP addresses and not considering the fact that people tend to work in different locations.

I don’t understand why Zoom think this change is necessary. If Microsoft did it or my email provider adopted the same zoom login zoom, paranoid policy, then it would sound the death-knell for mobile communications. A simpler and less drastic solution would be to just send an email to the account holder warning them that zoom login zoom had signed in from a suspicious location ie. Apart from that, what if I use VPN? I will be sent a OTP everything I sign in. If zoom can’t disable this ridiculous feature then I must cancel my license.

We have the same issue. We are a Non-profit education organization and already have multiple licenses – more than we need at any given time. We also have guest instructors who zoom login zoom to access these accounts – and sometimes outside of the hours that the employees with access to the associated email accounts work.

/5070.txt see that there is currently no solution available, I just figured I would add in that we are having the same issue because clearly this feature is not appropriate for all users. Hello, when this feature was implemented? I’m facing the same issue, there’s no way to avoid these verifications? Hey Fabio I am struggling with the same issue!! We are a professional training company so we use Zoom to deliver online training sessions. Our licenses are shared between different trainers that deliver the session, some are in APAC, some are in Europe.

So this warning comes zoom login zoom whenever a different trainer signs in!!! This is so inconvenient as we can’t give access to that shared email to everyone I know the purpose is to increase security but this is just too much!

They are trying to stop us from sharing accounts! Hi Jennifer Its been suggested to me but I dont even know по ссылке this would help??

For those of you having the same issue, you can open a support ticket with Zoom and ask them to enable ” allow login from multiple resources” feature in your account. They can do that in the backend. Once this is enabled, login verification will go away. This unfortunately did not work. The Zoom agent said we could not avoid this, which is very frustrating as we also have multiple people logging into our multiple Pro accounts.

We need to get a resolution to this issue, as it sounds like it’s impacting many users! Hi there! The option to ‘allow login from multiple resources’ does not affect or disable OTP. If you are unable to use alternative sign-in methods, and have a use case for disabling OTP, please put in a support ticket requesting an exemption. How do you even email support. I try to go through the website contact us and all i can find are articles. I manage like 6 different zoom zoom login zoom for various organizations with each having a handful of folks with access to the account, but NOT access to the email that gets the security message.

I’d love to have this disabled on these accounts. We decided to go with Zoom’s “claim host” option – it’s really easy and keeps our accounts more secure anyway, since teachers no longer need to log into them.

We had zoom login zoom enabled to secure access to our account. I am the account admin and have disabled 2FA from the security settings but it is still requiring 2FA every time I log in. I have tried re-enabling and disabling this several times but this issue still persists.

See the screenshots below. Have you check if 2FA is enabled on that exact account? As an account admin, you can set the default settings but the user themselves can overwrite in their own account. Thank you Jennifer. I am actually referring to the admin account. I just logged in with that account on my phone to respond to this and had to go to the Authenticator to allow me log in. This is something I am experiencing directly.

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